The Shoot

On the 23rd of December we travelled down to Chirundu from Harare to shoot a brand new video for Zambezi Valley Safaris. The goal was to shoot an interesting video for their website and social media. We were also shooting photos to highlight what they have to offer and why you should visit! It is incredible how accessible Chirundu actually is, within 4-5 hours of leaving Harare you can easily arrive and enjoy a huge amount of wildlife as well as a stunning stretch of the Zambezi River! There are an unlimited amount of activities to do on the Zambezi River. That is why we decided the best way to showcase this would be through a good video! Being a videographer in Zimbabwe and being able to work in places like this is incredible. I am very grateful to my clients for the opportunities they give me.

Zambezi Valley Safaris

Zambezi Valley Safaris is made up of: 1- Tamarind Tented Camp, 2-Chirundu Safari Lodge, 3- Zambezi Valley Campsites. We only had 3 nights to capture everything which lead to a hectic few long but awesome days! Each morning I was up ready to start shooting before sunrise. The best times to shoot are between 5:30-8:30 in the morning and 4-6:30 in the afternoon. There was so much to capture we couldn't stick to this strictly but tried to get as much done as possible during this golden light! If you would like to see more of my videos click here.


 1- Canoeing on the Zambezi River while filming! A canoe is by far the most peaceful and close up way to see the River. It was amazing to cruise down filming a huge variety of scenery and wildlife, we came across one big pod of hippos which was incredible for the photos and video! Titch was our very experienced guide, with his experience and love for the river you will definitely learn a huge amount and enjoy the incredible sights and sounds! 

2- One morning I woke up very early and sat in front of Chirundu Safari lode watching the elephants coming to drink, one of the heards had a tiny baby with them that stopped and played on a rock for ages! It made for some awesome photos and videos! 

3- During the early evenings we would be drive back to the safari lodge, very often we would have to stop, turn off the car and just wait for the elephants to move off the road! This just shows how much wildlife there is in the area. 

4- The pump house is probably one of my favorite parts of chirundu, it makes a perfect sundowner spot and theres an amazing view of the river which made it perfect for the shoot, to get some interesting angles and sunsets. 

I am a videographer based in Zimbabwe working with businesses to produce photos and videos for marketing and social media. Anyway hope you enjoy a few photos from the shoot, and hopefully you will get a chance to visit the river at some point soon!

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